Best for Exchange Students is Yomojo and I’ll explain why

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Hello everyone!

I hope you all are doing great because I sure am.

I am glad to be studying for a year in Australia. The people are lively, the landmarks are many and the climate is good as well. The country has wines, there are Koalas and Kangaroos galore all around! The food tastes good and my University colleagues at Queensland Tech have been great as well. Though I have only six months left out of one year of exchange, I want to tell you about the advantages of Yomojo Discount Code I availed on their 7GB 4G package and that too for AUD$ 39.90 (that is approximately AUD$ 40). I found that code at Supersavermama.

I am studying biomedical engineering and came for one year of exchange at Queensland University of Technology from the University of Denver. As compared to my native Colorado, Brisbane is quite warm and has been quite hospitable too. I applied for Telstra immediately upon my arrival in Brisbane but the price for Telstra was quite heavy! The plan was expensive and almost exhausted my wallet!

My Australian colleagues recommended me to switch to Yomojo and I signed up for 7GB 4G Package. It is worth every buck in my wallet and helps me remain in touch with my buddies back stateside. What’s even better is that the speed is faster than that of Telstra and also the service coverage is superb as well.

Yomojo Discount Codes

With my console back home, I can occupy myself with mobile games for the time being and thankfully no in-game purchase has ever been denied. The browsing capabilities are strong and never give up at any point of the day. What’s even more heartening is that I can cancel my connection at any time without much physical paperwork.

Though I only have one semester left now and the experience in the country has been brilliant. I am thankful to Yomojo for boosting my Australian experience to new heights and helping me stay online round the clock with its wonderful packages.

I recommend Yomojo to all those who are coming to Australia as its deals are among the best I’ve ever experienced and its service keeps getting better and better.

With love & regards

Rose Hanson

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