Plus sized women can now look & feel fabulous

Who says plus sized and curvy women can’t feel fabulous? Of course they can! They can even look fabulous too. The best part about today is that attitudes towards plus sized women have become open and the obsession with slim is going away. Curvy women are now being embraced with open arms, open hearts and open minds. Adrift Discount Code for spring, summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year is a true blessing because holidays in the Australian summer are unique. They provide a good reason for having a time out with your loved ones.

If your lovely lady is curvy or plus sized then both of you are in real luck. In the old days, plus sized women had a hard time getting acceptance in main stream societies. We associated plus sized with those who are obese but in real life plus size women are either tall, curvy, healthy and naturally muscular. They’ve often been regarded as the size of men but such is not the case.

Plus sized women often had trouble in finding the right size dresses for themselves. They have often been accommodated but the attitudes were not as open as that of today. Adrift has thankfully addressed these needs given the fact that Australia has one of the world’s most healthy populaces and a good purchasing power.

The best part about a woman with curves is that the curves are not only defining beauty but also have define a new way of designing dresses for them that have proven to look even more beautiful than mainstream dresses. Today, more and more women are coming out and accepting their curves: Katya Zharkova, Ashley Graham, Myla Dalbesio, Bree Warren, Demi Rose Mawby, Saffi Karina, Naomi Shimada, Riley Ticotin and many others are having large fan base on instagram as well as mainstream media too.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder no doubt. Beauty also lies in diversity and embracing yourselves. With more women embracing their curves, the more fun it has become for designers to make their dresses and for women alike as well. The dresses for plus size women are looking fabulous and are designed in ways to make the women feel fabulous as well.

With the Australian summers being truly unique, Adrift has helped plus sized and curvy Australian women look & feel fabulous. It has truly set itself apart from others and continues to amaze many.

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