Satisfy Your Late Night Cravings With Menulog!

It was late at night, and I was new in town with the fact that I was hungry. It was literally making me feel pathetic that day in particular. I opened the refrigerator and found it to be empty too. I was out of luck. I decided I would try and maybe search for a restaurant online and see whether I can order in or not. But even the internet did not help much as most of these places were closed. I was also craving for some good Chinese food, and it was looking less likely I would be able to get it. So I called up my friend and asked for his advice. He told me that he was thinking of getting food himself, and that I should use Menulog coupon codes from SuperSaverMama to order food for the both of us and he would drop by my place to spend some quality time with good food.

I agreed, and downloaded the app. I didn’t know about Menulog before that, but now that I did and made an account, I realized what I was missing out on. With a variety of restaurants available in my vicinity alone, it was basically food heaven.

I quickly searched for some good Chinese food and figured out their location, as well read user reviews of the place. It sounded like it came highly recommended and so I ordered some noodles and Kung Pao shrimp with rice. I even saw the time it would take for the order to get prepared.

I sent the details of the location as well as other details of the order to my friend so he could pick up the food on his way. The reason he could do that was because not only Menulog offer delivery, they also offer pick up so if you are already on the road and going to cross the place, you don’t have to coordinate with the delivery.

It just took half an hour for him to find the place, pick up the order and come over so we could enjoy each other’s company and the amazing food. And amazing it was. I could not believe a hole in the wall restaurant like that could have food so great, and that too so late at night.

We enjoyed every bit of it, and have since made it a permanent part of our meals every week or so. And all of this was made possible through Menulog voucher codes. So the next time we ever find ourselves in the same situation, we turn to Menulog, and I hope that you will too.

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